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About OSP

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From the Beginning

OSP Children's Therapy Center is a family owned and run business. Lisa Iarossi has been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist since 1990 and passed down her passion for helping others to her daughter Lauren. Having a shared passion and different educational backgrounds, they decided to make the jump to create and build OSP Children's Therapy Center from the ground up in 2019.

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Family Oriented  

As a family run business, we understand that family involvement is imperative to the success of the child. We focus on family education during and/or after our treatment sessions because we want to provide the proper tools and methods that will give a child the consistency needed for follow through of newly learned skills.

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Making a Difference

Once an initial evaluation is performed, our therapists will determine the best course of action for the child. At OSP, our goal is to work with parents, caregivers, school personnel, and other healthcare providers to develop an individualized therapy program, as well as a strong home exercise program to promote carryover across various settings to help children reach their full potential.

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