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Physical Therapy

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Pediatric physical therapists are doctorate-level educated health care professionals who are trained to work with children with a variety of injuries, genetic disorders, and congenital conditions, in order to improve their ability to move, grow, and function independently in their environment. Pediatric physical therapists are trained in movement, wellness, child motor development, and body function to assist your child in improving their strength, endurance, functional mobility, and independence. 


Our physical therapists will examine and evaluate each child and their individual needs in order to chose the most effective interventions and create the best plan of care. Physical therapy sessions are then utilized to improve a child's function, reduce pain, and promote movement. 


Each physical therapist will work individually with each child, their families, and their caregivers to educate in treatment techniques and home exercise programs to promote carry over and an ongoing healthy lifestyle for each child based on their abilities.


Physical therapy evaluations and sessions vary based on why your child is receiving services. A typical evaluation will consist of the physical therapist assessing your child's gross motor skills, muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, balance ability, gait pattern, pain factors, and other important objective measures. These factors will then be combined to select and create the most effective plan for your child. Physical therapy sessions will include a variety of techniques including strengthening through age appropriate techniques or play, functional mobility patterns, obstacle negotiation, orthopedic specific rehabilitation programs, manual therapy techniques, and facilitation of typical motor development and movement patterns. 


Our physical therapists can treat a wide variety of childhood conditions including but not limited to: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, torticollis, gross motor delays, cardiac-related conditions, and orthopedic injuries. Physical therapy can range from assisting your child in reaching motor milestones like rolling over, pulling to stand, and walking, all the way to assisting your child in the rehabilitation process following surgery or an ankle sprain! 


We are truly dedicated to helping your child reach their fullest and healthiest potential each and every day! 

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